The Most Clever Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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Scorpio may seem calm and maybe even cold, but this only enhances their observant demeanor. They are not traditionally smart in the book-smart sense.

They are able to uncover hidden clues that many people miss, helping them to find answers and solutions faster than some of their peers.


Sagittarians are always up for new adventures and experiences. They are definitely big-picture people.

Known as the philosophers of the zodiac, it's no surprise that these fire signs have an insatiable thirst for discovering new things and putting their ingenuity to use.


Aquarius is the strangest sign of the zodiac. These oddball tendencies may not make you immediately notice their shrewd nature.

This air sign has high speed mental abilities and can outwit others at the drop of a hat. They may seem odd to some, but their sharp mind is critical.


Virgo people are intelligent and like to analyze any and all situations. His ability to find things is unmatched.

Virgo natives will talk the big game, but they will certainly show and achieve it thanks to their shrewdness and top-notch organizational skills.


Aries is fast moving and fast thinking. They are also incredibly independent and confident which gives them an extra boost when it comes to cleverness.

Aries practically invented the concept of instinct, and they benefit from early gut energy, so long as they follow their gut without second-guessing themselves.

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