The Lunch You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries loves things spicy. You're often excited to have your friends over for a get-together and visit a new restaurant. And what's more fun than a delicious plate of tacos to shake up your lunch order.

Aries: Tacos

Tauruses have a very refined level of taste. You're looking for a meal that's delicious and will leave you feeling satisfied until the end of the day. A plate of pasta from a classic Italian restaurant with

Taurus: Pasta

Geminis are known to be flexible and fun-loving. Lunch is more than a meal for you. So grab yourself a couple of pizza boxes to turn your lunch hour into a private party with your friends. because you'll be talking while you eat

Gemini: Pizza

Cancer: Salad

Cancerians are known to be very passionate. And when it comes to food, lunch starts with fresh vegetables and packed with protein, a nice bowl of greens can help make your diet feel more balanced. will help

Leo people like to stand out. Next time you're out to lunch, visit your local ramen shop and order the daily special. These bowls of delicious handmade noodles will blow you away with the amount of flavor

Leo: Ramen

Virgo .When you decide to go out to lunch, the sandwich combo makes a perfect fit. Delicious and satisfying any time of year, this comfort food favorite is sure to please even the biggest perfectionist.

Virgo: Sandwich

Libra is a very sociable zodiac. During lunch, you like to go out with your friends and try new places. Treat yourself and your friends like a burger with fries. This meal will only fill you up.

Libra: Burger and Fries

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