The Luckiest Zodiac Signs, Ranked


Sagittarius leads this list by default. Jupiter—the planet of luck, generosity, and abundance—rules it. Life is a treasure trove for Sagittarius.


Capricorn is determined to succeed, no matter how long it takes. Lucky trait.


Everyone loves Leo! Leo adores Leo! Good luck requires self-confidence. Leo attracts positive energy because they expect it.


Taurus is drawn to wealth, beauty, and comfort. They are smart investors, not just in money.


Pisces have many useful social and professional connections because they know what others need and are quick to help.


Libras aren't cynics, but they know that every good thing has a bad side (and vice versa). Libra can negotiate to avoid that downside.


Aquarius, one of the most adaptable signs, can see opportunities in the worst situations. Following up on these opportunities determines their luck.


Aries' enthusiasm is admirable, but if they can learn to get what they want without making everything a contest, they'll succeed faster and more often.


Geminis are social and team players. Geminis struggle in solitude. They need feedback and approval.


Virgos are so focused on logic that they overlook new information that doesn't fit their theory, missing out on many unexpected opportunities.


 Cancers are shy and protective, making it hard to reach their sweet side.


Pluto rules Scorpio. Scorpio is last because it is associated with tragedy and life lessons.

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