The Least Desirable Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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 Astrologers explained the worst zodiac signs. From harmlessly high-strung to emotionally repellent, find out who to avoid.


While Virgo can be a great asset in many areas of life, it can also make Virgo overly critical of themselves and others.


Capricorns, like Virgos, are type-A and unattractive partners. Clare says this is because Saturn, the planet of discipline, responsibility,.


Scorpio's complicated. Some love them, some hate them, and others are a bit intimidated by them,


Uranus, "the planet of innovation, rebellion, and unpredictability," rules Aquarius.


 Aries' reputation for being impulsive, decisive, and occasionally selfish may make them one of the least desirable signs. 


Cancer can be viewed as one of the least desirable signs because of their perceived moodiness and clinginess.

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