The Ideal Mattress You Should Sleep On, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries is a night owl and an early riser. You're always looking for the next big thing and can't relax. 

Aries: Innerspring Mattress

Taurus is stubborn, and your sleeping habits reflect that. No one can keep you from sleeping. "Reliability and routines nurture Taurus.

Taurus: Memory Foam Mattress

Your sleep habits change as do your indecisiveness. Gemini people have an intense intellectual curiosity, but this can keep them from sleeping.

Gemini: Hybrid Mattress

The zodiac's homebody, you have a strict evening routine. Before bed, give yourself enough time for self-care. If you don't, you'll wake up grumpy.

Cancer: Gel Grid Mattress

Leo may be a party animal, but you're ready to go home and get a good night's rest. Leo people like to write or draw before sleeping.

Leo: Adjustable Mattress

Virgos are high-strung, making sleep difficult. You can organise the best bedtime routine, but your overactive mind is the problem.

Virgo: Bamboo Mattress

Libra loves socialising, but beauty sleep is your priority. You know how important eight hours of sleep is for your mood and appearance.

Libra: Pillow-Top Mattress

Scorpios are intense. You'll do anything to reach your goals, but you'll take breaks. Sleeping well helps stabilise mood.

Scorpio: Latex Mattress

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