The hairstyle you should try based on your zodiac sign

Aries : Classic Pixie

Aries can pull off almost any hairstyle with ease, you're not afraid to take big risks in life When it comes to choosing the hairstyle that's right for you, the classic pixie cut is the perfect mix of sleek and statement-making.

Taurus: French Bob

Taurus, you're a lover of tried-and-true classics, and when it comes to choosing a new look, a sweet French bob is perfect for you. This understated yet sassy cut never goes out of style and is incredibly easy to maintain.

Gemini : Fresh Blowout

When you need a hairstyle that expresses your outgoing personality, when it comes to choosing the best style for you, ask for a fresh blowout the next time you walk into the salon with no plans. This beautiful style is great for a night out party or when you are on the go

Cancer : Romantic Waves

Cancers, sensitive and friendly, are hopeless romantics. That's why you need a haircut to compliment your sensitive, sweet side. Romantic waves will give you that girl next door vibe with a major lady twist.

Leo :'90s Supermodel Hair

When it comes to life, whatever you do, you are looking for a hairdo that is going to turn heads, a long and heavy '90s supermodel style will ensure that you You will look as bold as you feel.

Virgo: The Collarbone Cut

Virgos always pay attention to the smallest of details, and when it comes to your hair enter the collarbone cut, a look that proves classic doesn't have to mean boring. This effortless hairstyle is perfect to convey that.

Libra: Sweet and Wispy Fringe

Libra. Ruled by Venus, the planet of aesthetics and beauty, you need a hairstyle that looks good in any situation. You are best suited for soft and romantic voluminous waves with choppy bangs as they are effortlessly stylish without trying too much. 

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