The Friendliest Cat Breeds That Make Great Pets

Siberians don't mature until nearly five years old, so they'll stay playful and kitten-like.


Maine Coons are affectionate cats that love to play with their owners. Maine Coons are very smart, highly social, and this is not uncommon

Maine Coon

Large and lovable, Ragdoll cats are gentle giants that make excellent family pets, especially for those with children. Ragdoll cats love to be held,


Renowned for their luscious coats, Persian cats have lived by their humans' side for hundreds of years. Persians are curious, loving cats


Abyssinian cats are known for being as smart as they are curious, making them highly social and extremely playful.


What Sphynx cats lack in fur, they make up for with affection, making them one of the best cat breeds for those seeking companionship. This devoted breed is playful, smart and loving


Siamese cats are often referred to as dog-like for their loyal, affectionate personalities and dependable, gentle natures. they are very sensitive,


With their pointed ears and sweet, round faces, Scottish Fold cats are beloved for their calm, affectionate personalities. Easy going and adaptable, Scottish Folds are perfect for families

Scottish Fold

Exotic Shorthair cats have playful, sweet and easy-going personalities that make them the perfect family pet. Although playful at times, the Exotic Shorthair is eager to pounce

Exotic Shorthair

Tall, slender and majestic, the Egyptian Mau is an affectionate, loyal breed known for bonding with one particular human, but once they've warmed to them

Egyptian Mau

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