The Engagement Ring That Best Suits You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries love and live with a purpose. You romance, not shy. Your bold personality deserves a gorgeous and gorgeous style engagement ring.

Aries: Marquise-Cut Ring

Taurus loves fiercely. You love slowly and sensually. Love means you would love a stunning cathedral-cut engagement ring with a top-quality stone.

Taurus: Cathedral Ring

Geminis are extroverts who like anyone who makes them laugh and wants to have fun. Geminis love versatile chunky rings with intricate designs.

Gemini: Swirl Ring

Emotional Cancers guard their heart. Once you fall in love, they may therefore prefer an engagement ring style with a more personal touch, like a birthstone ring.

Cancer: Vintage Ring

Leo is a zodiac party animal. You attract attention. With an extravagant ring perhaps with a center stone that shines like the sun,will win you over.

Leo: Princess-Cut Ring

A perfectionist like you also loves romance. "Virgo loves simplicity and practicality, you'll love the symmetrical design too!

Virgo: Three-Stone Ring

Librans are lovers, something as simple as a surprise date or love letter will appeal to your romantic side. A French-style pave-cut ring with a center diamond is chic, stylish and romantic.

Libra: Pavé-Cut Ring

Scorpios are notoriously secretive, but you have a passion to share with the right person. An eternity band—a diamond-encrusted ring—represents your faith.

Scorpio: Eternity Band

Sagittarius is adventurous. You "love a ring that's unconventional and unique" because of your optimism and love of new experiences.

Sagittarius: Flush Setting Ring

Capricorns plan their careers and dates.Capricorn values simplicity and practicality, simple banded solitaire diamonds are timeless.

Capricorn: Solitaire Ring

Aquarians value personality, so they can be picky about dates. A chocolate diamond is a diamond, but you like their brown color. A custom setting will enhance it.

Aquarius: Chocolate Diamond Ring

You are creative, sensitive, and hopeless romantic. A halo-cut ring with a central diamond and smaller accent stones is perfect for you.

Pisces: Halo-Cut Ring

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