The Trend

Artists inspired to create "glazed" nail kits for the many customers who requested them. It was a natural alternative to intense nails with chunky glitter or over-the-top designs.

Post-glazed manicures feature many barely-there nail polish designs that enhance natural nails while adding a little something.

This manicure matches all your wardrobe essentials and aesthetics. Finally, you can wear it long or short, typing-appropriate or otherwise.

MNBB Manicure Instructions

 Milk bath nails are sheer milky polish from cuticle to tip, while supermodel nails are opaque pink that matches your natural nail bed.

"Hyper-realistic" nails, which are like super-realistic French manicures, could be the poster child for the your nails but better trend.

Vanilla French manicures are more groomed than classic French manicures because they have a slight blur at the nail bed-tip line.

If you don't like pinks or French manicures, try the "lip gloss" nail trend with a glossy nude polish.

If all else fails, buff your nails and apply a shiny topcoat. In a world where authenticity is hot


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