The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Leos have healthy pride and self-worth. Self-sufficient people should ride the Throne Phantom. This track bike is fixed-gear. 


Virgos ride the S Works Shiv Disc. This triathlon bike is among the best-designed and built.


 Pisces can relax on their wide tires and comfortable seat. This bike is versatile enough to match Pisces' laid-back, adventurous spirit.


Sagittarius rides a Full Tilt Boogie. This bike, like cyclocross bikes, is designed for pavement but can handle gravel, grass, and unpaved roads.


Libras are calm, open-minded Zodiac signs. Libras prefer the Schwinn 270 for its tranquility. This Schwinn recumbent bike is known for its comfort.


The AWOL Expert and touring bikes best represent Scorpio. These bikes are more relaxed than road bikes but multipurpose.


Capricorns are intelligent and respected. Capricorns are responsible, fair, and respectful, making them adults in any situation.

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