The Best Pet for You, Based on Your Zodiac


Aries get bored easily and need an energetic partner. They're energetic, quick, and competitive. A Dalmatian, Labrador Retriever, German shepherd, or Border Collie will keep Aries active


Tauruses like to relax and enjoy life like most cats. They can nap in the sun together. Like your cat, Taurus are strong, reliable, sensual, and creative.


Geminis are chatty and curious. What better sign than a talking animal A parrot can be a fun and intellectually stimulating confidant. 


Cancers are caring, intuitive, and protective. A cuddly bunny would make this sensitive sign feel at home. Your zodiac sign determines your ideal Halloween costume.


Leos have a special bond with cats. Dramatic, outgoing, fiery Leos are self-assured. Cats are fierce, but Taurus is sensual.


Virgos love solitude and would do well with a small hamster. Hamsters are low-maintenance, easy to clean, and perfect for Virgos. 


Libras love. Librans are like lovebirds. See each zodiac sign's ideal human best friend!


A lesson from Scorpio itself.Scorpio's intensity can be matched by any reptile, scorpion, or spider. 


Like an Aries, a lively dog would suit this sign. Jack Russell terriers, Siberian Huskies, and Australian shepherds are great hiking companions.


This hardworking earth sign thrives on stability and routine, so a guinea pig is a good pet. An easy-to-care-for guinea pig makes a practical sign.


Aquariuses are eccentric, creative, and playful, so a unique pet would suit them. A miniature pig could give Aquarius the freshness they need to succeed.


This fish-sign would benefit from an aquarium. Pisces are compassionate, wise, and creative. The underwater oasis could inspire and change their life.

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