The Best Morning Routine For You According Your Zodiac Sign 


Start the day with a fitness class before fighting world injustice. Try Pilates or aerobics if you like people.


As the most in tune with your emotions, focus on them when you wake up. Getting ready in the bathroom to acoustic music starts your morning routine.


Your morning routine is energetic and explosive. Even though you're eager to start the day, use some of that energy to benefit yourself when you wake up.


Earth signs should spend their mornings outdoors. You're also sensual with others. To stay in touch with your body, stretch outside first thing in the morning.


Silly mornings are the best of you. After the shower concert, chat. Being playful when you wake up, whether it's a flirty text to someone you love.


Admit it. Even if you hate mornings, you can start your day peacefully. Talking to yourself is healthy even if you're not ready to talk to others. Improve today.


Even if you're not as intense as Aries, a morning boost helps. In the bathroom, motivate yourself for the day.

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