The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Gray Hair, According to Stylists


When choosing clothing colors to wear with gray hair, avoid colors that reflect the color. If you have blue or green eyes, Kenger notes that those colors will be especially attractive because they Will focus on your more vibrant features.


"If you have a warm eye color like brown or hazel, it's best to use shades in your hair to draw out the brown rather than directly reflect it, the same rule holds true for people with dark eyes.


When choosing to wear gray, try to be sure. If you have vibrant white hair, it is best not to wear a vibrant white shirt, and go for a charcoal color instead. If you have dark brown hair, choose heather gray clothing.


No matter your eye color or undertone, red always looks fabulous.; It's such a beautiful combination." "When you see a woman with brown hair in a red sweater or red dress, it's so elegant.


"Black looks amazing and stylish." If you want to brighten up your look, lavender or warm pink can really compliment cool undertones. If that sounds too stark for you, go in the opposite direction.


All of these will lift your complexion and hair color to look more advanced. If you have warm undertones, stock up on warm shades. "Think burgundy, fuchsia, deep bottle green, a matching lipstick will tie everything together.

Rose Gold

Beyond clothing, some jewelry tones work incredibly well with gray. Gold is the best earring for gray hair; The gray makes the pink undertones pop.""White gold and sterling silver are too dull with gray hair.

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