The Best Book Genre for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries:Action adventure

Aries likes action and adventure books. This sign symbolizes spring and action, so look for adventure novels that explore strange worlds and update classics.


ʼ Tauruses like cosy romances and rom-coms because they like happy endings. . Untangle plotlines with ease and charm.

Gemini: LGBTQ books

Twins—chatty, high-energy besties—represent Gemini. "Diverse, broad and expansive" Gemini recommends contemporary slice-of-life fiction and maybe a superhero story.

Cancer: Women's fiction

. Literary women's fiction, women's books, and emotional novels are good choices. Find family dramas and epics about parenting and reparenting. Children's books may also touch Cancer's inner child. .

Leo: YA fiction

Young adult novels for Leos often show "the thrill of life" and "a fun romp that's expressive." Leo loves being the hero of their story. Leo books include autobiographies and book-to-movie adaptations.

Virgo: Historical fiction

As they inspect a book's font and binding, Virgos will notice any typos because of their meticulousness. Virgo likes practical heroines and well-organized romance and adventures.

Libra : Biographies

Libra loves legal dramas (their sign is the scales of justice, after all). Libra gets justice. Since they value honesty and equality, the best biographies will inspire them.

Scorpio : Mystery

Scorpios don't fear going deep. "They can handle big feelings, and they like mysteries because they seek depth and piecing things together." Scorpios love gothic books about a detective who investigates dark places. 

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