The Bagel That Goes Best With Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel

You'll need a belly-filling breakfast that'll give you the energy to keep you going all day long. A classic bacon, egg, and cheese bagel packs all the protein and carbs. And the ooey-gooey melted cheese is the perfect decadent treat.

Taurus: Onion Bagel

Tauruses are known for being focused and driven workers. You love rich-flavored foods that pack a punch. Every time you fall asleep, treat yourself to an onion bagel with warm cream cheese.

Gemini: Plain Bagel

Geminis are anything but boring. That's why a plain bagel is their perfect fit - it's completely customizable. Once your bagel is nice and toasty, you can experiment with your spreads. can

Cancer: Blueberry Bagel

Cancer is the nurturer. You know all about keeping things cozy. But you guys who don't have time to cook why not treat yourself to a childhood favorite and a fresh one with lots of butter. Warm Blueberry Bagel

Leo: Everything Bagel

You want to enjoy and experience everything life has to offer. The next time you go out to eat, a New York-style bagel is packed with flavor and topped with onions, garlic, salt, poppy seeds, and topped with sesame seeds

Virgo: Asiago Cheese Bagel

You're a lover of routine. You wake up early and at the same time. Next time you have breakfast, switch things up and order a Toasted Asiago Cheese Bagel. This includes freshly grated, melted butter on top of a thick and chewy bagel. cheese sprinkled

Libra: Chocolate Chip Bagel

Libras are known for being sociable. You need a flavor that's as sweet as you are, and what better than a decadent chocolate chip bagel. Just the right amount of chocolate without overpowering the flavor of a baked bagel given.

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