1:Sagittarius cannot be trusted

The Sagittarius personality can be two-faced. Overall, these natives lack honesty

Their ruthless ambition drives them to do just about anything to climb to the top. No, that doesn't stop them from being downright hypocritical from time to time.

2:Gemini draws people in with charm

Gemini people are no strangers to backstabbing other people in an attempt to get ahead.

Gemini will do anything and everything to achieve their goal, be careful what you say, as Gemini loves to gossip and will not hesitate to repeat it.

3: Pisces pretends to be nice

Pisces is the obvious candidate to take the crown of hypocrisy. Their lies become apparent once you dig a little deeper.

If you're wondering what makes them so high up on this ranking of nice and gentle Pisces, ask them about their ability to hide their faces instead.

4: Libra can be very clever

Libra personalities may appear sweet and harmless, but beneath their innocent facade hide strong deceitful tendencies.

Libra will not be hypocritical to intentionally manipulate someone, and will do everything in their power to please as many people as possible.

5:Virgo will play the victim

Virgo personality is always ready to point out other people's flaws and weaknesses.

Virgo's key phrase is because they advise everyone to take care of themselves, even if they don't do it themselves. And they don't follow their own advice.

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