The 5 Most Common Reasons Couples Get Divorced . 

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It's important to know that you're aligned with each other before taking the plunge into marriage—but that's not something everyone does.

1:Lack of premarital planning.

Many divorcing couples do not discuss essential aspects of themselves before marriage. For example, religious differences, different goals for the future, and different values can all play a role in the success of a marriage.

As if simple communication alone wasn't difficult enough, money issues can play a role in marital problems that lead to divorce.

2:Financial difficulties.

Money is often a major source of tension in marriages. Different spending habits, unequal income levels or lack of financial planning can lead to money problems, which often lead to stress in a marriage.

Although it is not a shock, cheating is still a major reason for divorce. Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce.


Betrayal can create a deep sense of trust and mistrust, making it difficult to continue a relationship without that trust. So many people don't feel they are capable of rebuilding a relationship with someone unfaithful.

Addiction is another common problem that can put a huge strain on any marriage. This can lead to a breakdown in communication that is difficult to get back from.

4:Addiction or substance abuse.

Substance use impairs judgment and makes the partner feel taken advantage of or neglected. As unfortunate as it is, many marriages do not last because of the emotional impact it takes on the couple.

Failure to communicate effectively is another factor that can lead to the breakdown of a marriage.

5:Communication problems.

When partners are unable to engage in open and honest dialogue, it can result in miscommunication, conflict, and a loss of trust. Unfortunately, when couples fail to communicate effectively it can lead to larger issues of resentment. can give birth to

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