Green may be the best color for brown eyes. All brown-eyed girls should wear green because it brings out their eyes.

We recommend wearing eyeshadow or clothing in any green tone, from lime or forest green to emerald, to make brown eyes pop.


Blue, like green, makes brown eyes pop. Blue works well as a neutral and layers well with other colors.

 When choosing blue shades, keep your style in mind. Kosich recommends turquoise, lapis, or navy for a powerful look.


Brown eyes are multicolored and deep set. Brown eyes often have golden yellow, red, or black spots.

To complement those tones, Carr suggests deep hues like brown mauve, reddish brown, and earthy-dark praline brown.


Red looks great with brown eyes. Of course, some reds look better than others—you just have to find what makes your eyes pop. 

Wear cheerful orangey-red to portray warmth," Kosich advises. "Cool blue-reds—oxblood and crimson—will appear distant and standoffish


Pastels and browns go well together - perfect for spring! "Soft pastel shades highlight chocolate eyes as the star of the show.

These soft shades will flatter your eyes and skin if you pick the right colour. Recommend to wear peach and apricot