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 Stylish Winter Scarves That Will Totally Transform Your Look

 Manhattan map scarf

This soft piece is made of 100 percent viscose twill and is large enough to knot around your neck, waist, or handbag as the perfect ode to the Big Apple. And if you're feeling inspired to pack your bags and head to the big city.

Harry Potter scarf

Whether you want to show off your immortal Hufflepuff pride or your wisecracking Ravenclaw qualities to the world, these Hogwarts-house-specific scarves are a great way to bring your Harry Potter fandom into your everyday wardrobe without going over the top.

blanket scarf

Some days, just having a scarf on hand to stay warm isn't enough to combat gusty winds and sub-freezing temperatures. Luckily, this oversized blanket scarf is big enough to make a statement while also keeping you warm wherever you go.

 patchwork-inspired scarf

Bright, funky patterns are a great way to switch up your look and elevate your style, which is why accessories like scarves can do a lot without going over the top.

 reversible leopard scarf

This super cozy leopard print scarf is plush and soft to the touch, while featuring two different color schemes on either side. You can knot it to show both sides or wrap it exactly the way you want the color to show.

 Pendleton muffler scarf

The healthy medium between lounging on the couch all day and wearing a blanket to work? This warm fleece piece that will look just as good with your outfit as their throw blanket does on your couch.

artistic scarf

According to the designer, this silk and cotton piece draws inspiration from a Venice showroom designed by Carlo Scarpa for Olivetti, a typewriter and calculator company.

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