Stylish Summer Hats Under $30

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Braided Floppy Hat

Add some drama to any outfit with this black-and-tan floppy hat, the perfect addition to everything from beach cover-ups to formalwear.

Pom-Pom Number

Adorned with a string of multicolored pom-poms, this adorable hat is perfect for quickly brightening up any look.

"Sun Kisse  Cap

If you're keen to keep your summer headgear casual, this distressed blue and yellow baseball cap is the ideal way to complement your favorite tank top and cutoff looks.

Frayed-Edge White Hat

A little big, sure, but still light enough to keep you cool, this ASOS hat is ideal for keeping the sun off your face.

Dear Summe  Hat

This adorable hat from Forever 21, which costs just $15. And for more ways to beat the heat this summer, try these 30 Summer Beauty Products That Make Your Look Sweat-Proof.

Floral Straw Hat

You can make pretty botanicals part of your summer aesthetic with this floral-embellished knit hat.

Hello Beaches  hat

With its wide brim and cheeky slogan, this hat is the perfect accompaniment to a bikini you just can't wait to show off.

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