Study Says It's America's Deadliest Job

Mining machine operators

Nine mining machine operators were killed on the job in the United States in 2018. Most of these worker fatalities involve thieves.

Construction workers

259 construction workers were killed on the job in the United States in 2018. What kind of fatal workplace accident occurs most frequently to construction workers? falling while at work.

Police officers

In 2018, 108 US police officers succumbed to injuries sustained on the job. Violence and injuries at the hands of others commonly contribute to the deaths of law enforcement officers.

Power line workers

The most common cause of death among power line workers is not a fall, but an electric shock. In 2018, 29 US power line workers died on the job.

Firefighting supervisors

Of the 14 US fire supervisors killed on the job in 2018, most were in transportation accidents, followed by fires and explosions.


The most common cause of job-related mortality is death from on-the-job injuries among iron workers. In 2018, 15 Americans died.

Logging workers

Most logging workers died due to contact injuries from logs or logging equipment. Loggers are 33 times more likely to experience a fatal accident on the job than the average American worker.

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