1. Own Real Estate

Real estate came first. Most millionaires own real estate, making it the most popular alternative asset class.

2. Make your home modest.

Two-thirds of American millionaires live in middle-class households. "modest, middle-class home" is ambiguous

3. They Live on  Budget

Crorepati Budget. Fancy dinners, moviegoing, clothes shopping, monthly massages, changing it up every two years? It hinders the wealth of the middle class.

4. Their Money Works for Them

 Rental properties. After a down payment and closing costs, you rent forever. Your investment earns passive income forever.

5. They Invest in Themselves

Rich people listen to audiobooks in cars and subways. They read the news while eating breakfast or brushing their teeth. Conferences, seminars, webinars. They change daily.

6. They Regularly Review Goals and Progress

If you want to achieve anything—financial, romantic, fitness, or parenting—you must define it.

7. They Take Responsibility

They use cloud backup if their computer crashes. Or they admit to not having a cloud backup. They realize they are responsible for the outcome, not their cranky computer.

8. Connecting with influential people

Rich people don't use words like "impossible" or "can't," but instead consider what's cost-effective and likely to work. Anything is possible if it makes sense.

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