Signs you had an emotionally abusive parent

1. Moody

Your parents' mood swings may indicate emotional abuse. Even if nothing bad happened, did you feel nervous around them.

2. Overly critical

Parents can overreact and focus on perceived flaws. If your parents went too far, you may have a harsh inner critic.

3. Dismissing Emotions

We must open up to loved ones at any age. It hurts when your partner dismisses your concerns. Parent-child abuse is worse.

4. Passive aggression

Passive aggression involves expressing your true feelings indirectly, sometimes unconsciously. The passive-aggressive parent can smile.

5. Overly anxious

Anxious parents pass it on to their kids. When asked for help they can't give, a child finds it hard to see their carer's instability.

6. Guilt trips

Adults can usually detect gilt-tripping. Consider if your parents did the same.I gave you everything and now you treat me like this.

7. Silent treatment

The silent treatment is never a good way to resolve interpersonal issues. Your parent may have been emotionally abusive if they ignored you when you upset them.

8. Present but absent

A parent who is physically present but emotionally absent is harmful. They may be glued to their phone, stuck in their home office

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