Perfect Valentine's Day Dinner Menu

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Surprise your date with a plate full of hearts, this homemade pasta is the key to your sweetheart's heart, and can be served with a variety of sauces or toppings.

Heart-Shaped Pasta

There's just something so romantic about a well-grilled steak. For the ultimate balanced, restaurant-style meal, serve it with winter produce like bitter radicchio and sweet pears.

Balsamic Steak

With these easy-to-prepare lobster tails, a casual dinner can become a sophisticated date. Prep them when you have time, then bake them right before dinner.

Lobster Tails With Cilantro

No sushi date compares to a homemade sushi date, whether you prepare each piece by hand or pleasantly surprise your sweetheart with a sushi plate made entirely from scratch.

Salmon Nigiri

Heart-shaped pizza that comes from the heart will always be so much better than delivery. Purchase pre-made dough to speed up the process, and treat your date to a toppings bar at the most romantic pizzeria in town—your kitchen.

Margherita Pizza

And give a puff of steam to unveil your dinner. You can spend very little time doing the dishes as the beans and vegetables in the packet make this a complete dinner.

Scallops in Parchment

The anticipation of a memorable supper at home can be increased by slow-cooked beef that tenderises all afternoon and fills the house with amazing cooking aromas. Serve alongside tortillas, risotto, or potatoes.

Spice-Braised Short Ribs

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