Partner's cute quirks

Love can make the simplest qualities about your partner pretty freakin' adorable—from how he sticks out his tongue when he's thinking to how she hums rap tunes while she's cooking.

Personal arguments

We've all been there: in the heat of an argument, sure we're right and wanting online friends' validation or a second opinion. Resist the urge to prove a point to your partner (it won't work) or get consolation in the moment.

Secret posts

Want to hide that club photo from your partner? Are you hiding a TikTok video with upsetting political views? You may have a secret Instagram account.

Every little pregnancy detail

First comes love, then marriage, then your creative, new Instagram pregnancy announcement! It's natural to want to share pregnancy's excitement.

Selfies with major PDA

Kissing selfie? Adorable! Recording a 10-minute bed scene? Keep it private. Seeing your private romantic physical moments can be intrusive 

Embellished lifestyle stories

Your partner gave you ruby earrings, a Louis Vuitton duffle bag, and a huge TV? They flew you around the world on a private jet

Your messy breakup

Posting that you broke up is fine, but leave out the gory details. Breakups are hard enough without having to deal with online trolls.

Sexy photos—of you, your partner, or others

Sexting can be a fun way to build intimacy and excitement with your partner, but the images should stay within your blue bubbles.

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