Pumping the muscles

They hide their muscles, but you notice them. Most women appreciate that dad bods can't be replaced. Although scary, the muscular man shows up

Sporting a beard

Strong jawline and beard indicate manhood. Beards are dangerous and fit authoritative figures. That's why women love male facial hair.

Being assertive

Boys fight, but men are assertive. Healthy communicators know when and how to speak, ask, and listen.


Manliness requires courage, risk-taking, and adventure. Though you avoid pointless activities, you are not afraid of anything.

Having musical aspirations

Women prefer deep voices. You can charm anyone if you can sing, play guitar, and keep a tune.

Knowing your way in the wilderness

 You can be a published author, architect, or tech genius, but only a manly man can survive without gadgets.

Dressing for the occasion

You are successful without a label. A white tee and gray sweatpants are fine for the weekend, but for work, mix and match darker colors and only wear the color on your tie or socks.

protect your loved ones

Men once protected their families. Though you won't have to wrestle a lion, a manly trait is to put your family before yourself.

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