If you do not drink water then this problem can happen in your body.

Your bathroom habits will change.

Dehydration causes bathroom changes and thirst. You'll urinate less, and your urine will turn a pale yellow color.

You may experience dizziness, headaches

 Dehydration can cause dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.Your body is alerting you that it needs fluids.

You could have eye trouble.

Lack of water can cause dry eye, eye strain, and vision problems such as burning, watering, blurred vision, or foreign body feeling.

 Susceptible to heat stroke.

Decreased body temperature regulation is a major issue. Dehydration slows heat release, causing overheating and heat stroke.

 Develop digestive problems.

Your body needs water to digest and absorb important nutrients, your digestive system starts to wear down.

 Blood pressure affected.

Not drinking water in a day could also lead to a decrease in blood volume, or the amount of fluid in your blood vessels. 

You skin might suffer.

Skin problems are also common among people who neglect to drink enough water.Dehydration can have a significant effect on the skin. 

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