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How to Make Plus-Size Thrifting Work for You

Shopping can demoralize plus-size people. Size six can get a look anywhere. If you're a size 26, it's harder to shop off the rack. 

Patience Is a Virtue

Every thrifter knows that resale rack success requires patience. Goodwill's racks aren't like Target's, where you can find something you like, get your size, and leave.

Stay Positive

Shopping can make you feel self-conscious. The endless mindfuck of living in a larger body in a society obsessed with thinness can do that.

The Bigger the Better

Thrift stores need volume. More clothes in a store increase your chances of finding something you like.

Dressing Room Friendship

Always try things on, fashion experts say. One brand's 12 is another's 16, and another's 4X is your XL. 

Look for Staples

Consider your closet a capsule collection to make thrifting easier. Finding the perfect white button-up is as satisfying as finding a cute cocktail dress.

Give It Time

 If you can commit—whether that means flipping through every rack in one big store or trying to hit every thrift store in your community on a Saturday afternoon—you'll be better off. 


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