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The Aries Look

Aries For everyday attire, they can put an elevated spin on the classics, pairing glam basics with statement jewelry, unique shoes, and anything else that draws attention to their face.

The Taurus Look

Taurus is one of the prettiest signs of the zodiac, their wardrobes can look like a spring forest of deep greens and browns offset by shimmering jewel tones. They ooze interest in their basic pieces with varying neckline options. can add.

The Gemini Look

Geminis are impulsive buyers who also get bored easily, and since these social butterflies are often fluttering around town from sunrise to sunset, layering is their secret sauce. Throw a chic jacket over a black dress and boom! They are ready to kill in the boardroom.

The Cancer Look

Cancers are emotional creatures who can change clothes several times a day. On a day when Cancer rules the chest, they'll put a unique spin on athleisure with colorful, limited-edition sneakers and skate-inspired hoodies. The next day, they're full glam in a printed silk pantsuit and heels.

The Leo Look

This zodiac lion can welcome you into the jungle with animal prints, safari style and huge florals. Soft, silky fabrics are a must for their daywear and their loungewear. Since Leo rules the back too, they can look sultry Smolder in cutouts and backless and one-shoulder styles.

The Virgo Look

When it's time to get fancy, Virgos go all-out glam, à la signmate Beyonce, with shimmery metallics, jewel tones, and Old Hollywood looks. And they accent theirs with curve-skimming styles, crop tops, and high-waisted jeans. And short tank tops, Virgo can have 100 variations of the same essential style.

The Libra Look

This sign's penchant for fashion is keeping it "haute" in the latest pics from her favorite designers that's breaking the Internet. Libra keeps it "haute" in fresh picks from their favorite designers. But for many Libras that can mean a sleek ponytail with huge prints from head to toe and neutral makeup.

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