How to deal with stress, according to your zodiac sign


In trouble, Aries, lean on your fearlessness. Lead calmly, and others will follow. Aries is a brave leader. They like to lead and give orders when stressed.


When times are tough, Leos love drama. However, Leo can overcome any challenge. Leos should step back and look at the big picture when facing challenge


 Free-spirited Sagittarius needs space and new stimulation to solve problems. Sagittarius should overcome challenges with humor and a higher purpose.


Geminis are talkative and intellectually curious. Stressed minds race constantly. Geminis must reconnect with their bodies during difficult times


Libras can see all sides of a problem, making it hard for them to make a decision in stressful situations. Libras work well in pairs.


Aquarians procrastinate when stressed. They help others instead of solving their own problems. Aquarius, your intentions are good


Cancerians tend to hide at home with their favorite blanket and food when stressed. However, Cancers should contact their support group


Stressed Scorpios hide. Cancers are more private. Scorpios survive hard times by being vigilant and planning ahead.

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