How Each Of The Zodiac Signs Can Get Rich

ARIES: stockbrokers

Aries pushes themselves into power so they can continue power-tripping. Aries get rich as doctors (where they play God), theatrical agents, and stockbrokers.


Taurus dominates sports, medicine, and therapy. They own huge gym franchises. They grow slowly until they own the company. Taurus loves cash.

GEMINI :Bargaining 

Gemini chefs and techies make ridiculous amounts of money. Bargaining makes them rich. Geminis excel at haggling and reselling.

CANCER :writing

Cancers get rich writing great novels and helping people. Cancer knows how to make a million dollars out of a personal situation.

LEO :film 

They become music and film stars due to their extraordinary charm. Leo is on all "world's highest-paid" lists, especially entertainment.

VIRGO :job

Virgo They will always end up the top earner in their company. They stick to a job forever, and they pay for their loyalty to the job.

LIBRA :fund 

Libra is the master of passive income. Lazy and unwilling to work, they always seem to get an inheritance or trust fund to work for them. Lazy Libras inherit and spend.

SCORPIO :passions

Scorpio earns big in areas that satisfy their passions. ΚΌ You'll pay for the best. Money.


Sagittarius will get rich someday. Someday. Sagittarius dreams of spending all that cash one day. Sag never "got rich."


Stocks. Capricorns naturally know how to make money. This sign dominates administration and desk jobs, but they always rise in style.


Aquarius often avoids work, even though they know they need money to survive. . They prefer others to enrich them.


Pisces pursue happiness to the bank. These people are leaders in organisations that help animals and people. They profit from helping others.

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