House plants you must keep in your house

This house plant is a very favorite plant. It is also known as Brandy Philo. The plant can flourish in any environment. You can keep this plant near any window in your house.

Silver Leaf Philodendron 

This plant is considered a high-maintenance house plant because this plant thrives in moisture. You cannot find this plant every year, due to which it is sometimes difficult to find.

Polka Dot Begonia

However, one of his favorites for 2022 is the Black Velvet variety, which has saturated green leaves and contrasting white veins. There's 'Dragon Scale' alocasia with its almost tortoise-like design, 'Grey Dragon' with its silver color, and 'Purple Sword' with its narrow, dark green leaves.

Black Velvet Alocasia 

Some distinguishing features are its bronze-colored young leaves and fleshy, above-soil structural roots," says Opzenrath. "A superbum is a slow-growing species and is endangered in its native habitat,

Bird's Nest Anthurium

Ficus Audrey has dramatic yellow veins in its dark green, oval-shaped leaves. In nature, these plants grow into tall banyan figs with impressive root systems and dangling aerial roots.

Ficus Audrey

Its beautifully mottled yellow to dark green leaves provide a spectacular show. And the almost leathery feel of the leaf speaks to its durability. This iconic houseplant is harder to come by than others on this list

Homalomena Selby

Like some of the other popular houseplants on this list, hoya kerry can be difficult to find at big box stores. However, Wagner says you'll likely have better luck at boutique plant shops or on Etsy

Sweetheart Plant

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