For a good lifestyle, these things should be in your wardrobe as soon as possible.

A quality blazer

A quality blazer is essential for your capsule wardrobe. For some, a sweater coat or shrug better suits their lifestyle instead of a traditional blazer or jacket. A blazer is essential for your daily life.

Well-fitting trousers

To pair with your blazer, you should also invest in a good quality pair of trousers. If you're looking for denim, she recommends looking for a trouser cut, which can improve the fit.

A statement skirt

Where you can introduce more of your personal taste in terms of colors and patterns. Your skirt should stand out," look for brands with high basics or a high-low mix, making sure the quality and style will last two to three years.

A timeless sweater

Winter will soon be here, which means you're probably busting out your sweaters to prepare for the colder weather, a classic cashmere sweater recommends in — you guessed it — black, white, off-white, gray, A neutral color like beige or navy. When your key pieces match everything.

A flattering dress

Your capsule wardrobe should definitely include a dress. These dresses are timeless and can be dressed up or down. Cotton, silk, or linen are what's needed in the 60+ capsule collections. An LBD (little black dress) that will be a perfect addition to your versatile collection.

A classic jacket

When the air is cold, of course you'll need a jacket too. And depending on where you live, you might be used to wearing different coats in different seasons. meant for one night or to dress up jeans

A fun scarf

If you want to introduce a major player, stylists suggest a scarf. These can be silky or knitted. For those over 60, it can also keep you confident in your looks, says Foster. They camouflage and are a great way to add a pop of seasonal color. 

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