Five ways by which you can increase your self-confidence.

1. Practise self-care 

Self-confidence and self-care go together. As we saw in our self-esteem article, exercising, sleeping, and eating well can boost self-esteem.

Identifying your needs can help you feel good about yourself. Mindfulness and gratitude reduce stress, regulate emotions, and improve sleep.

2. Build positive relationships

Negative people can demoralise you. As the NHS advises, avoid those people to boost self-esteem. Instead, cultivate relationships with appreciative people.

You can learn techniques to foster positive interpersonal relationships with our course Build Trust and Grow your Self-Confidence.

3. Work on a growth mindset 

A growth mindset has been linked to higher self-esteem and resilience

Building a growth mindset can help in other areas of life, regardless of whether confidence affects it.

4. Challenge yourself 

The NHS recommends setting yourself a challenge to help build confidence. Although it’s natural to be nervous about trying new things.

They also recommend setting goals, which can help with forming new behaviours, giving focus, and starting to make gradual progress. 

5. Practise self-affirmations 

Affirmations work. Telling yourself your strengths and confidence can reinforce positive thoughts.

Self-affirmations activate neural pathways, according to other studies.  Self-affirmations can boost confidence and self-efficacy, according to one study.

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