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easy 5 minute workout for weight loss

mountain climbers

 mountain climbers start in a high plank/pushup position with hands below shoulders

Bring your right knee to your chest quickly before returning it to the start. Alternate sides for one minute.

 bicycle crunches

MasterClass advises pressing your lower back into the floor and placing both hands behind your head. 

 For one minute, pretend to ride a bike by alternating your left and right elbows to your knees.

one-sided 30-second leg raises

MasterClass recommends lying on your right side on a mat and tucking your chin to begin this exercise. 

Stretch your legs. Raise your left leg 10 inches, pause, and lower it. 30-second leg raises and lowers.

30-second flutter kicks

Straighten both legs to 45°. Keep your arms by your sides and your legs off the floor.

Raise your neck, head, and shoulders. Kick or flutter your legs. Rest your abs. 30-second flutter kicks.

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