Cleaning habits that attract snakes to your home.

Leaving clutter around your home.

A cluttered home can make a haven for snakes, so if you see signs of mice or rats in your home, be sure to get an exterminator out to take care of that problem.

Allowing your wastebaskets to overflow.

"Garbage can be an easy food source for snakes, keeping garbage cans sealed and disposing of garbage regularly can prevent attracting snakes to your home because snakes are attracted to the smell of food.

Letting crumbs sit on your counter.

Not cleaning up after food preparation can attract their prey - and in no time, snakes will follow them. This includes uneaten food and crumbs in eating areas.

Letting rocks and leaves pile up outside.

Removing piles of leaves, rocks or debris from your yard may prevent snakes from seeking refuge near your home, so removing them may make your yard less attractive to them.

Neglecting to clean up your bird feeder.

Bird feeder This can be the reason of snake problem in your house, when birds eat the seeds some of them also fall down seeing which rats are attracted. And snakes seeing rats only then you will be able to see them regularly.

Not maintaining your downspouts.

If you want to prevent snakes from coming, stress the importance of properly maintaining the outside of your home, cleaning your gutters and downspouts from any small tree branches, leaves and other organic compounds," he says. "Snakes don't like to be there.

Stacking firewood against your house.

Keep all the salmon away from the house which provide shelter to rats, lizards and frogs, all these things attract snakes to themselves. For all these reasons, you can see snakes around your house.

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