Before accepting a new position, consider these 8 questions.

Will this make the most of who I am?

Increases meaning and engagement with your work." "Conversely, working a job that makes you feel like you're not making the most of who you are can be incredibly frustrating.

How are the people?

Pay close attention to the people at the new company, they can make or break your job satisfaction. Everyone is putting their best foot forward. Now that you have an offer, ask them for a time to talk again.

Will this work energize me?

By doing something that excites you, make sure that your new job gives you energy, as it may prevent you from quitting or downshifting your job after a few years.

Can I get similar opportunities in the current role?

So before leaving the job, ask yourself this question whether I can get the same position in my other job or not.

Running away from your current job?

Consider whether you are accepting the new job because you believe it is a good fit for you, versus accepting a job that is not a good fit." "It can open the door to a whole host of challenges Is.

Is there opportunity for advancement?

You may love the company, but if you won't be able to get what you want from this job in a few years, it may not be worth the change now.

Will the company support my career?

For many people, a career is a big part of their life—considering your family situation plays a big role, you're not asking for too much and you absolutely deserve that level of respect.

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