Magenta Flowers

The Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta, makes this floral manicure perfect for April.

April Showers

April's bright blue skies and frequent rain make blue a popular color. To embrace the hue, copy this graphic two-tone blue, mirrored color block nail art.

Breezy Blooms

Even in cold April, flowers bloom. We love how this iridescent nail art idea captures that concept with cool-toned shimmer and cornflower blue blooms.

Monochrome Lines

Like full-coverage nail color? This multi-color monochrome mani is gorgeous. Each finger highlights a spring-friendly contrast in one color family.

Spring Houndstooth

How fun is this colorful houndstooth manicure? It's a cheerful nail look for April and warmer months, made with bold and pastel colors.

Lava Lamp Nails

Another bright April nail art idea. We love this pastel neon lava lamp nail look.

Dainty Florals

Prefer intricate, minimalist nail art? This floral-accented periwinkle blue French manicure is lovely.

Ombré Nails

Here's another way pastel neons can brighten up your spring manicure.

Funky Florals

This unique floral nail design is perfect for the month of April because of the prevalence of green hues. It's surprisingly straightforward to duplicate, too.

Springtime Blues

DIY flowers are a great way to turn any mani into an April look. This nail design's flowers and checkers are easy to copy, but the swirls call for a bit more precision.


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