Climb a mountain

f you've never climbed a mountain, Mount Everest may be out. However, every American should see a majestic mountain once.

Redwoods tracking 

Humboldt Redwoods State Park's redwood forest is one of the nation's most beautiful. Redwoods are majestic.

Travel Route 66

Route 66, America's legendary highway, is unmatched. The more-than-2,000-mile road from Illinois to California is worth traveling alone or with family.

Visit the Old West

If you watched Westerns or wanted to be a cowboy or cowgirl, the Old West is the best place to visit. Visit Leadville, Colorado, Deadwood, South Dakota

Visit the nation's oldest city

St. Augustine is "the nation's oldest city." 300-year-old forts, 18th-century restaurants, and century-old homes will transport you back in time.

Visit Cherry Blossom Festival in Georgia

The "cherry blossom capital of the world" is Macon. The International Cherry Blossom Festival makes Macon the pinkest city in the world in spring.

Visit a music festival.

Everyone should see their favorite artist live. Coachella and Governors Ball in New York are great places to hear your favorite songs.

Hot air balloon festival

Visit Albuquerque for the International Balloon Fiesta. This nine-day Albuquerque festival features over 500 colorful hot air balloons.

National Mall walk

Every American should walk the National Mall, even though it's a top tourist attraction. From the U.S. Capitol to the Potomac River, the 2-mile green space is over 200 years old.

Visit a state fair

Visit a state fair and relive your childhood. Deep-fried turkey legs and candy apples await. Cotton candy?

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