According to your zodiac sign, you're doing the No. 1 relationship mistake.


When dating, Aries can be perceived as being too pushy or demanding." "Aries, you need to give your partners some space and when they express their needs to you. want to feel like the main priority


Taurus is actually one of the most secretive romantic signs. You like to take your time getting to know your partner and learn about their personality. And you take a lot of time to tell your new partner what you want . It can make your partner feel like you can take or leave the relationship


Geminis are known for being social and adaptable, but when you're dating someone new, they can be a little flighty or unreliable, which could put you off a potential love connection.


Cancerians love to foster intimate relationships. Before you can open up, you need to know that there is security in the relationship. Cancer, you need to give your partner some space and trust that your connection will continue to thrive. Can survive without giving.


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the fiery energy of the Sun. There is no more loyal, brave and passionate sign than Leo. Leo tends to be proud and passionate when dating." may appear to be overly domineering or controlling


Until you find a partner that fits your lifestyle. When you decide you like someone, you feel most valuable in a relationship when you are of service to others. You need to take a step back and not get upset over the little things.


Libra, you are known for being fair and cooperative. Clingy behavior and insecurity from a partner is a quick turn-off for a Libra. You need to trust your instincts and be more assertive at times."

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