1. You're hilarious.

Responding to our jokes instead of laughing at them is one of the easiest (and surprisingly underused) ways to convince us we chose you.

2. Love doesn't happen instantly.

We want to demand your attention before getting it. It's nice to be reminded that you only see us once we have it.

3. You don't overthink your wardrobe.

We like women who care about their appearance but know that confidence is more attractive than Manolo Blahniks.

4. You're healthy

Men like women with great bodies,We'll also forgive you for eating a salad on a first date but not forever. Men like real bodies.

5. You're extremely down to earth.

Drama queens want men's attention, not genuine, will-love-you-forever attention. We like women who overlook mistakes.

6. Social media stalking isn't necessary.

What's your relationship goal? If you answer "I'm not sure or anything other than to the friend zone with you!, don't friend us on Facebook until we're more than friends.

7. You call back.

We're grown men, but every time we call a woman for the first time, we're afraid you won't remember us or approach us. an amusing voicemail.

8. You're passionate

Seeing a woman's passion—whether it's a cause, a hobby, or a job—makes her more attractive. There is a limit to enthusiasm.

9. You have friends

It's nice to know we can spend some guy time or alone time without someone feeling lonely, disappointed, or thinking of revenge for this slight.

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