9 Exercises to Get Rid of Underarm Fat

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Triceps Dips

For tricep dips, you'll start by sitting with your hands under your shoulders and your fingers facing forward, placing your seat on the floor and bending your elbows to take some of the weight off the shoulders/triceps. Consider. To challenge this position, consider stepping one leg forward.

Chair Pull

For this exercise you will need a chair or something that you can easily and securely pull up and hold onto. To rise to the challenge, begin to bend and lengthen your arms and activate your biceps and chest. Lean forward slightly to do.


Think of a pushup as a 'plank in motion'; Your core should stay tight throughout, and squeeze your glutes to take the weight off your lower back. Get ready for this "tried and true" exercise: pushups. "Consider the variation in hand placement,

 Chest Press

In the chest press, think of the weight heads continuously squeezing together to lift your elbows up and fully engage your chest muscles. Engage the two tendons in your elbows toward each other as you lower them both. Let's bring By doing this, the muscles of your inner arms can be added

Chest Flies

To perform this exercise, open and close both of your arms with your palms facing up. If needed for your shoulder mobility, feel free to lower both arms slightly and opt for a shorter range of motion.

Goal Post

Bend both the elbows to make a 90 degree angle. Keep your wrists above your elbows. For an added challenge, incorporate an arm extension as you open your arms laterally to further activate your shoulders, biceps and lats.

Banded Pull Apart

Bring your arms forward as you spread the resistance band as wide as you can while keeping your core engaged and maintaining proper posture. For an added challenge, take an isometric grip, placing as much tension on the band and in your muscles as possible. Keep

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