Fiber fills you! Most Americans don't get the 25–30 grams per day. Start the day with 10 grams to ensure adequate nutrition.

Eat More Fiber

Grapes with Lemon-Honey Greek Yogurt is a simple recipe for fermented and high-probiotic foods.

Daily Dose of Probiotics

As surprising as it may seem, 35 grams of protein improved fullness, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Serve with steak.

Kick Up the Protein

Lemon water with a high-protein breakfast containing vitamin C may improve iron absorption for many Americans.

Drink a Glass of Lemon Water

Avoid sugar in your morning coffee or tea.Use less if you like coffee slightly sweetened.

Skip the Sugar

Sitting down for breakfast helps you focus in the mornings. Mindful eating may help you eat less, feel full, and enjoy meals.

Pull Up a Chair

Breakfast starts your 8–10 fruit and vegetable servings! Vegetable omelets, southwest hash, and spinach-packed green smoothies provide two vegetable servings.

Eat More Vegetables

 Walnuts also aid weight loss. Walnuts on oatmeal or avocado in scrambled eggs provide heart-healthy fats.

 Healthy Dose of Fat

Americans should walk 10,000 steps daily. To shake up your morning routine and stimulate your digestive system, take a 15-minute walk.

Move It, Move It

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