8 Toxic Phrases That Destroy Relationships

 get a divorce.

Marriage involves two people with different values, beliefs, and habits. These differences cause many unresolvable conflicts. These issues may require compromise or disagreement.

I hate you.

During a fight, my wife said this. It stunned me even though I didn't believe she meant it. She apologised and promised her love. I was a wreck until she did. Even in anger, she said those things.

That’s stupid.

My spouse and I often disagree. I sometimes do things that she thinks are irrational. She'll do something I don't understand but she does. We bring different values and perspectives to our relationship.

Of course man, woman will think so.

Sometimes thinking differently causes conflict. Sometimes a long-simmering issue explodes. Or one of us had a bad day and took it out on the other.

Don't want to talk.

Sometimes we need to cool down from an argument. However, ignoring a marriage issue causes resentment and bitterness. Bad thoughts and feelings can fester. . This impacts all future interactions.

You’re just like your mom/dad.

Thoughts only—never said to my wife. I never felt charitable. Addressing the issue is better than implying or insulting.

Just relax.

Telling my wife to calm down doesn't help. She would have if she could. She appreciates when I ask her about her concerns and try to reassure her. She relaxes better knowing I support and empathise with her.

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