8 Spiritual Habits The Happiest People Practice Every Night Before Bed

1. Write it away

Write down your day's events as a way to let go of them for the night.

2. Release the day

Think, say, or write that you are letting go of everything that happened that day.

3. Stretch it out

Gentle stretching before bed can help us let go of the day and get our bodies ready for sleep.

4. Welcome sleep

Try some mindfulness meditation with the goal of falling asleep.

5. Imagine comfort.

To avoid sleep disturbances from electronics, imagine a white light shielding them.

6. Connect with the divine

If the energy from your electronics is keeping you from getting a good night's rest, try visualising a shield of white light encasing them.

7. Seek restoration

Plan (say it out loud, write it down, or just think it in your head) that you are sleeping peacefully and getting a full rest from the act of sleeping.

8. Affirm your balance

Intend (aloud, in writing, or in your head) that you are sleeping peacefully and restoring fully.

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