8 Expert Tricks to Keep Your Makeup Perfect on Hot Days

Nothing is more uncomfortable or less productive than applying makeup in a hot place. First of all, pump up the A.C. If that's not an option, makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder recommends using a fan.

Do your makeup in a cool space.

You need a daily moisturizer under your makeup. Apply a light moisturizer that contains sunscreen to prepare your skin before applying makeup on hot days. Avoid thick, oily creams, which will cause your makeup to move.

Create your base.

"Primer is essential for keeping makeup in place on a hot summer day." For the best effect, Saxton suggests looking for one with mattifying, anti-shine, long-wear, or sweat-proof claims. His recommendation is Cover FX Gripping Primer.

Use primer.

When it comes to lasting makeup on hot days, a waterproof, lightweight liquid foundation is the best option. Avoid cream foundations at all costs. To apply your foundation, Heredia suggests using a dense foundation brush. .

liquid foundation.

Blendable color cosmetics will help you achieve that coveted glow. I recommend a liquid tint or cream stick for blush, contour and highlighter, topped with a little powder product to make them sweatproof.

Use liquid products.

Use your favorite liquid matte lipstick as eyeshadow and your eye makeup will last all day, you can achieve an on-trend monochromatic makeup look, as lipstick can also be used as blush.

eyeshadow hack.

Just like you need to prime, you need to set. Last a few spritzes of water-resistant setting spray and your makeup won't budge. For added protection, use a finishing spray.

Set your look.

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