8 Best Foods for Healthy Hair


Eggs contain biotin, which strengthens hair.which strengthens nails and grows hair.


Strawberry Vitamin C protects hair follicles. Strawberry-Nourished helps to detangle hair.


Eat salmon for shiny hair. "Omega-3 fatty acids, especially in fatty fish, are good for your hair and heart. Fats keep hair supple 


Almonds nourish hair. Taub-Dix, R.D. says protein and vitamin E help hair grow. Almonds' healthy fats and protein boost hair growth and strength. 


DIY hair masks use avocado for a reason. Avocado's vitamin D can create new hair follicles to increase hair thickness.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens improve digestion, skin and hair. Taub-Dix, RD Iron deficiency causes hair loss.


Protein is most important for hair health. Protein from lentils gives hair structure. Biotin, produced from protein, promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails.

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