7 Signs Your Partner Isn't Ready for Marriage.

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1.They change the subject

You should ask your partner directly what they think about your future together. If you are met with an awkward silence or a quick subject change, it is a sign that your partner is not comfortable with the subject. she warns.

2.They make negative comments

If your partner always comments on how terrible the marriage feels or talks about how unhappy all the married people they know are, that's a sign they're not headed to the altar.she explains.Don't ignore these comments.

3.They tell you directly.

"If they're not ready now, it doesn't mean they won't be ready in the future," and the relationship is different, and before assuming that's a 'red flag' it's important to re-evaluate and uncover why.

4.Their mood shifts 

Your partner is not ready for marriage If you are in a bad mood about something, if they are excited about your relationship in other ways, it is presumable that this change in their feelings is specifically directed at marriage.

5.They haven'introducing their family.

It can also be a clear sign that the relationship isn't going anywhere anytime soon. "When your partner is honest about you, they want to include you in their life and brag about you to their friends and family.

6.They avoid conversations

When someone is truly invested in being with you, not only does it show through actions, but they usually have an open conversation about a future together. This includes career, living decisions, family planning and marriage.

7.They never make decisions.

Marriage is a union between two adults who choose to live their lives together," she shares. "Someone who can never make up their mind and is always doing what others expect of them.