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7 Easy Ways To Burn More Belly Fat While Walking

1. Change speeds.

walking as fast as you can for as long as you can, challenge, recover, and build endurance with intervals.Walk fast and slow.

2. Walk uphill.

Walking uphill safely intensifies workouts. Good walking mechanics and foot striking and targeting hip and hamstring muscles improve posture.

3. Throw on a weighted vest.

Walking workouts benefit from weighted vests. Healthline says light resistance strengthens muscles, bones, and joints without much impact.

4. Add resistance exercises.

Bodyweight exercises every few minutes burn more fat. This turns your walk into a "total-body" workout.

5. Warm up and cool down.

Warming up before walking is important, especially if it's cold or wet outside. After, stretch and foam roll to avoid stiffness the next day.

6. Change the path.

As you walk, this will burn calories and strengthen your lower body, especially your feet and ankles

7. Add more time.

Finally, walking longer burns fat and boosts cardiovascular endurance. Fatigue strengthens muscles, bones, and joints.

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