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7 Clothing Chains That Sell the Best Quality Denim

Dear John Denim

These are the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn." "Dear John's denim is well-made, flattering, and made from soft fabrics that are soft.


Levi's has been making blue jeans—which they invented—for 150 years because they last.their denim is expensive but worth it.


It's popular and affordable. If you want to stock your wardrobe, I saw jeans for $98 and sale items for $30


 Everlane's fit options put it at the top of best denim lists. According to Ramhold, prices start at $78 for their straight, relaxed, skinny, curvy, or wide styles.


Budget denim doesn't have to be low-quality. Ramhold recommends Target brands for affordable jeans. And they can last a long time if cared for.


Nordstrom has the best denim brands for modern women. The variety of labels helps customers find the right brand for their body shape

Ralph Lauren

The Best of the Best Japanese denim from Ralph Lauren is another great brand Kosich recommends. Stylists call these jeans "superior construction, premium colors, and timeless cuts.

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